Dental Training Set:
Fantom Head PK-2
Face mask P-6 GM
Dental model AG-3
Head movement limiter
P-6 TSE body, with belt to secure the dental chair.

Practical advice: A phantom patient placed on a dental chair to simulate realistic patient situations.



Dental Training Set: Fantom Head PK-1

Note: All Dental Training Sets are available with different dental models and different accessories. (Ears, Eyes, Water Expenditure Systems, etc.)

Frasaco phantom heads permit the simulation of life-like situations from all fields of dental surgery and dental technology without distracting attention from the essentials. Our pride in innovation and decades of experience have been directed towards simplifying use, reducing the number of individual components and minimizing maintenance. The result is as simple as it is precise and economical. All units have been designed along modular construction lines. Every workstation can be assembled according to the topic being taught, and extended, if necessary. Our units are always as simple or, as complex, as necessary.

The frasaco-phantom head is the ideal working tool for underand postgraduate courses for demonstrations and practical exercises. The state-of–the-art teaching system to simulate clinical cases in a realistic environment. For universities and institutions, but also for the dental office. A space saving dental simulator to train dental procedures to perfection. At any time.
All used materials such as aluminium, refined steel, thermoplastics and elastomers are of high-grade quality. The aluminium components have a coating which provides extra protection against corrosion and facilitates cleaning, in order to prevent any ugly scratches becoming visible, thus allowing the components to retain their aesthetic appearance longer.
Many years of experience in manufacturing phantom heads, have long proven its high quality. The robust construction has been proven in daily practice, designed for use by students: practical to use and featuring uncomplicated handling as well as concentrating on the essential functions.
The patented frasaco articulation (P-6 and PH-2 series) combines average values of protrusive, mediotrusive and laterotrusive paths in one. Optimum functioning using few parts, warrants for reduced maintenance and repairs as all screws are locked into place and cannot be lost. Clearly contoured components allow for easy cleaning. Inaccessible areas which could trap dirt have virtually been excluded.
The modular construction of the frasaco model range fit perfectly the frasaco phantom heads. Spare parts availabilityn is assured for up to 10 years.
Frasaco offers the most comprehensive range of dental simulators, study models and training models for hands-on practice in pre-clinical and post-graduate students’ laboratories in preventive and operative dentistry as well as fixed, removable and full prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, radiology and anesthesia, endodontics, exodontia and oral surgery, oral hygiene, periodontology, gerodontology and implantology, pathology, anatomy and dental technique.